10 Amazing Bodybuilding Exercises that are Work for everyone

10 Amazing Bodybuilding Exercises that are Work for everyone

When I left powerlifting and decided to get my fat ass in shape, I worked with someone to hold me accountable through the process. After years of seeking nothing but weight on the bar, I made the shift to actually feel better and look better. The phrase, “you’re still too fat,” was my feedback every week during check-ins. Even when I thought I was looking “pretty good,” my feedback was “you’re still too fat.” It drove me nuts. But he was right. And once I finally did get into decent shape, I finally earned the right not to hear that phrase.

1. Jumping Rope

Jumping Rope

This is a workout that is usually done in the childhood days in school. This is an excellent workout for weight loss because jumping increases blood circulation and the body gets stretched more. The muscles from head to food gets stretched so excess amount of fat will be burnt quickly. Just 100 jumps a day for normal jumping would be more helpful and moreover 100 rope jumping would be most effective. This will increase the heart rate and keeps the metabolism boosted for the entire day. It is an easy workout that increases the rate of metabolism for effective weight loss.

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