10 Amazing iPhone X Optimized Apps : IOS

10 Amazing iPhone X Optimized Apps : IOS

These apps are ready for the iPhone X

The iPhone X is unlike any Apple smartphone that’s come before it, thanks in large part to that extended edge-to-edge screen and the notch housing the TrueDepth camera and Face ID sensors. As a result, apps that aren’t specifically designed for the iPhone X can look a little off, with unsightly black bars at the edges, or user interface elements that disappear behind the notch.

Not to worry, though. Many apps are starting to get optimized for the iPhone X to make the most of the phone’s new display. They’re also taking advantage of the A11 Bionic processor powering the new iPhone. (It’s the same chip inside the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus.) And that means more powerful apps that also deliver cutting-edge features like augmented reality. Here are some of our favorite apps that make the most of the iPhone X.

1. Halide


Halide is among our favorite iPhone photography apps, and it’s also leading the way with an interface that doesn’t just adapt to the iPhone X screen but also takes advantage of new hardware and software features in the phone. The UI’s been redesigned to support the iPhone X’s edge-to-edge screen, and even uses the “horns” on either side of the camera and speaker notch to display information like exposure settings. Under the hood, Halide also includes support for depth maps, allowing users to apply portrait effects in iOS 11’s Photos app. All of that is on top of Halide’s already excellent photographic feature set and uncluttered interface.


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