11 Amazing Paid iPhone Apps Now Available for Free Limited Time Offer

8. Learn Spanish: MosaLingua

Learn Spanish in no time! MosaLingua’s effective and addictive teaching method will help you memorize loads of vocabulary, key phrases and conjugations in record time. By using the dialogue exercises, you’ll be able to improve both your Spanish comprehension and your speaking skills at the same time

– 3000+ flash cards of vocabulary and phrases, including audio pronunciations by native Spanish speakers
– 14 diverse categories (e.g. Accommodation, transportation, shopping, tourism, social, emergencies…)
-more than 100 sub-categories (e.g. At the restaurant, at the hotel, buying and negotiating, sports, partying, flirting…)
– Up to 10 levels to complete, from the basics to more specialized vocabulary
– 17 dialogues presenting common situations that come up on vacation (or when traveling)
– Study Spanish lessons and language tips that will aid your progression
– More than 100 bonus materials to unlock as you progress
– Online Spanish dictionnary
– Possibility to create your own cards


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