11 Amazing Paid iPhone Apps Now Available for Free Limited Time Offer

9. Tiggly Story Maker: Make Words and Capture Your Stories About Them

Tiggly Story Maker puts YOU in control. Create a world powered by your imagination, and bring word building and storytelling to life! With the screen recording feature you can record up to a two-minute video: both video of the screen and your voice.

This app turns the process of creating three-letter words into a madcap experiment. Two consonants sit on the bottom of the screen with a space in between. Kids use any vowel they wish on the screen to see if it creates a word. When the letter combo creates a real word, the corresponding object appears on the screen, accompanied by a humorous animation. For example, when kids make the word “peg,” a peg hops into the scene followed by a limping pirate who snatches the peg and attaches it to his leg. Or, when kids make two “pigs”, they meet and fall in love! By trying different consonant-vowel-consonant (CVC) word combos, kids bring animals and objects into being and essentially create a world powered by their imaginations. The silly animations are so creative that kids will be constantly combining the CVC words to see what happens next. Then, when the objects interact in unexpected ways, kids can get in on the zaniness by recording their voice to tell a story while they use their fingers to move the objects around on the screen. Tiggly Story Maker makes creating words an adventure that kids will want to tell.

– Build a world as big as your imagination
– Build more than 40 unique CVC (consonant-vowel-consonant) words
– Replace vowels in words to create new ones

– Discover more than 200 hidden interactions– like having the pigs fall in love, hens laying eggs, pugs catching a cab, cubs chasing the pigs, and catching bugs in a big bag…
– Laugh with many many silly surprises as the animals interact

– Come up with endless stories
– Capture your voice telling and animating your stories
– Share your creations with family, friends, and loved ones

– No third party advertising
– No in-app purchases


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