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11. Best Doctors Member App


As a Best Doctors member, you can have your medical diagnosis, treatment plan, including surgery options, and any medical questions reviewed and answered by a carefully selected expert physician who specializes in your condition. The new Best Doctors Member App allows you to start and track the progress of your case from the palm of your hand!

Best Doctors is an employer-provided benefit and available at no cost to you, the member. If you are unsure if your company offers Best Doctors, please contact your HR Benefits Manager today.

  • Best Doctors serves 30 million members in 70 countries.
  • Members do not need to travel, visit additional doctors’ offices, or chase medical records.
  • Best Doctors’ services are provided at no cost to the member

No matter where you live or what medical uncertainty you are facing, with Best Doctors, you can be confident you have the right diagnosis and the most effective treatment plan.


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