12 Best Android Apps You Must Install Now : Android Apps

12 Amazing Android Apps You Must Install Now : Android Apps

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1. CobbleCord

CobbleCord aims to educate, empower and enable entertainment consumers to save money and craft a personalized, curated array of free and paid entertainment services in one convenient location. We also include Helpful Hints on the cord-cutting process, just in case you’d like a little extra guidance.

You tell us your budget, your entertainment priorities, your favorite watching devices and your internet situation, and we’ll recommend a mix of streaming services that’s perfectly suited for your personalized viewing preferences. And it’s really easy to start again and make different selections. You can go through the recommendation process as many times as you want; switching your choices to see what comes up. It’s not only helpful and informative, it’s fun. And did we mention FREE?!?


The next step is up to you. You can drill down for more information, save your “Reco” to your account, share it with the world or go forth and cobble your perfect package together. And relax, there’s no pressure. Entertainment choices and circumstances change every day. You can redo the process over and over. It’s TOTALLY FREE and there are no obligations. You are in total control.

Our personalized recommendations not only help give you continued access to the shows and networks you already love, but we’ll also recommend services that just might open up your entertainment horizons. Isn’t it time to make break free from your traditional cable package and watch TV on your own terms?


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