15 Amazing Paid iPhone Apps on Sale for Free Download Right Now : IPHONE

15. textPlus: Unlimited Text+Calls


textPlus — the downloadable alternative to expensive U.S. mobile phone plans.

  • Free US number to reach your friends in the US or Canada
  • Free SMS texting + mms & group chat to any US or Canadian mobile number.
  • Really cheap phone calls to any number in the world.
  • Free texting and calling textPlus-to-textPlus (70 million people have downloaded textPlus).
  • Access messages and call history on any device
  • Works great on WiFi, too, so you don’t even need a 3G/4G connection.

textPlus is also perfect for:

  • WiFi texting and calling.
  • Turning your iPad, iPod or Tablet into a phone.
  • Replacing your home phone, especially for those with bad cell coverage.
  • Keeping in touch with friends and family around the world.
  • Cheap International calling.
  • World travelers who don’t want to deal with expensive international calling plans or SIM cards.
  • Saving tons of money on your cell phone plan.

Free Messaging and Calls:

  • Call or message any other textPlus user in the world for free.
  • Get a free phone number that you can use for free SMS texting to any US or Canadian mobile number.
  • Group chat with your friends.


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