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15. Duplicate Contacts & Utilities

Brand New – Duplicate Contacts Remover and Utility Tools. The simplest tool available in the store. It identifies different kind of duplicate contacts and clean unnecessary junk on your phone book contacts. You don’t need to read a manual to use this , It’s a kids play and runs like a Lamborghini.

It is power packed with 14 awesome features. I have made only 1 as pro features so that i can keep eating the donuts.

I assure you that you are going to enjoy it !!


1.Duplicate Contacts Remover – Exact Duplicates : (Free Feature)
Removes Exact Duplicate Contacts, Ignoring country codes and Spaces in between
Ex – Tony (9999999999), Tony (+1 9999999999), Tony (999 999 9999) considered duplicates

2.Duplicate Contacts Remover – Number Based : (Free Feature)
Same Contact Number stored in different Names? No problem, it’s solved. Here you have option remove the duplicate name and retain the correct name of your choice
Ex – Tony (9999999999), John (9999999999), John Tony (+1 999 999 9999)

3.Duplicate Contacts Remover – Name Based : (Free Feature)
Same Contact Name having different Numbers. This is also handled. Option to select and retain the correct Name – Number combination
Ex – Tony (9999999999), Tony (8888888888) (You can delete one contact in this Feature)

4.Duplicate Contacts Remover – Merge Number Based : (PRO Feature)
This is for a similar detection as above where same Contact Number stored in different Names. But in this feature instead of removing the other numbers you can MERGE it and retain both numbers in a single contact
Ex – Tony (9999999999), Tony (8888888888) (You can merge both as single contact in this Feature)

5.Remove Unused Email Contacts : (Free Feature)
Usually when you sync your android phone with Gmail or Microsoft outlook all email contacts from those accounts sits as contacts on your phone, This feature allows you to remove them


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