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29. Cosmolander – The solar system

Cosmolander is aimed at children ages 6 and over who love space and astronomy, and is also perfect for those who have never set foot outside our planet! With Cosmolander you can learn fun facts and information about the entire solar system through an interplanetary journey. Cosmolander is a journey through the solar system, a fantastic adventure for children and young adults in which they can learn whilst having fun. Try catapulting into space to learn about the wonders of the planets and the sun, see how they move and enrich your knowledge with interesting facts and discoveries. Its friendly interface and the narrator’s voice will guide you through space.

Begin this intergalactic educational journey and you will be able to:

  • EXPLORE the individual planets to learn more about them and study their characteristics, all thanks to 4 detailed sections (structure, satellites, interesting facts and journeys and discoveries).
  • PLAY carrying out of the various Missions for each planet with your spaceship.
  • DISCOVER interesting facts and information about the planets through quizzes that allow you to undertake a secret mission on the planet of your choice.


  • Designed for children ages 6 and over, but perfect for the whole family
  • 9 planets to discover and study in an entertaining way
  • 36 in-depth sections on various topics (structure, size, climate, satellites, interesting facts, journeys and discoveries) with entertaining animations
  • 9 missions to be accomplished testing your knowledge about the planets – Quizzes to test yourself and learn even more
  • Engaging graphic and funny animations
  • No advertising


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