50 Amazing Android app updates this week Download now : ANDROID APPS

32. Tiles

Tiles makes use of the new Quick Settings Tile API . the weather conditions for the current location.Adaptive brightness: toggle adaptive and manual mode.

  • Ambient display: toggle wake screen for notification or when you pick up the device [adb setup or root].
  • Applications: tap to show a list of all installed apps or launch your favorite.
  • Brightness: toggle between high, medium low brightness according to the levels you set.
  • Calculator: start Google proprietary Calculator app (App needs to be installed).
  • Calendar: start your calendar app to view all events or add a new one.
  • Call: open the phone app or make a call to the contact you set.
  • Camera: start the camera app in video or still image mode.
  • CPU usage: show/hide screen overlay showing current CPU usage [adb setup or root].
  • Email: open the email app or email the contact you set.
  • Immersive mode: show/hide status bar, navigation bar, system bars [adb setup or root].
  • Location Mode: change device location mode [adb setup or root].
  • Lock: lock the device.
  • Map: open Google Map and display your current location.
  • NFC: check on/off state and open NFC settings.


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