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8. Car Launcher Pro

We represent you Launcher which was specially created for use in the car. You can use this program as on phone, a pad and on the radio tape recorder on a basis the android. We combined not only convenient start of programs, but also the onboard computer with convenient count of the passable distance for the different periods.

Basic functions of the program:

For users of the free version:

  • An opportunity to set as the main Launcher about opening via the HOME button (it is relevant for radio tape recorders)
  • An opportunity to add any number of applications for quick start on the principal screen.
    You can set up several folders for the selected applications and it is easy to switch them on the principal screen (PRO)
  • An opportunity to edit already selected applications.
    Long retain an icon for opening of the menu of editing
  • Display of the current speed or the passable distance and a set of other data.
    On the principal screen exact speed cars based on GPS of data is displayed.
  • Display of speed in status bar
  • Fast call of the list of all applications
    Quick start of the menu with the list of all applications with a possibility of sorting: by name,
    to installation date, date of up-dating. In case of long keeping of an icon, the mode of deleting application will open.
  • A menu slide with the onboard computer
    Press the rounded-off button for opening a slide of the menu or pull for the right edge of the screen.
  • You can set up a menu slide as it will be convenient to you.


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