7 Amazing iPhone Apps you Should Download First for Your New iPhone X

7 Amazing iPhone Apps you Should Download First for Your New iPhone X

iphone appsYou’ve managed to get your hands on an iPhone X and now you want to fill it up with apps that show off the power and potential of Apple’s $999 smartphone.

To help you get started, we’ve picked our favorites.

This list includes both obvious choices you can find on the top charts and lesser-known software that we use and love. And we’ve also pointed out which apps have been updated for the the longer, notch-ed iPhone X screen.

Here’s what to download first:

1. Zombie Gunship Revenant AR is a game that uses ARkit, Apple’s technology that integrates graphics and the real word.Zombie

ZOMBIE GUNSHIP REVENANT is the ultimate augmented reality zombie shooter where you take control of a heavily-armed helicopter gunship and obliterate zombies from the sky.

Requires a device running iOS11 and supporting ARKit.

Fly a Gunship Helicopter controlled by your movements and defend against a zombie apocalypse.

Fight hordes of zombies with beautiful new thermal camera graphics.

Arm your gunship with gatling guns, cannons, rockets, missiles and the sniper pod.

Upgrade and enhance your arsenal with resources you earn in battle.


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