Top 10 Amazing Ways To Save Your Marriage Life

Top 10 Amazing Ways To Save Your Marriage Life

We’re just going to come out and say it: Wanting to throttle your husband from time to time is perfectly normal. But if you’re constantly coming up against the same relationship problem—and experts say most couples do—then you’ll have to get to the root of the conflict if you want to move forward as a happier, healthier, more-connected couple. No partnership is impervious to these patterns, but they can corrode perfectly loving bonds over time, especially if you think your conflict is really about chores, or hygiene, or dirty socks on the bedroom floor. It’s not.

To prove it, we asked 12 real couples to spill their most persistent relationship woes, and then we had experts explain what’s really going on. Here, a little real talk and a lot of relationship repair.

1. We drag each other down

“When we come home, I’m upbeat and my wife is tired and still stressed out from work. It ruins my mood, too. It’s so much easier to bring someone down than up.”

Says licensed marriage therapist Carin Goldstein: “He says it’s easier to bring someone down than up. True. But you have a choice not to sit under the black cloud with your partner. Most couples in this situation don’t realize how sensitive they are to the other person’s mood—and there can be a false belief that if they don’t descend to their spouse’s low energy, they’re not being supportive. In actuality, you need stay up even when your partner is down. That consistency will often pull them out from their slump.”

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